If you own a wedding or event venue, this scenario is likely familiar to you:

Work Less

You invest time and money in preparing your location to host the wedding guests. The individuals who booked the location seem to be lovely people, but over time, they begin to inundate you with requests, unannounced site visits, and phone calls or emails at all hours of the day. Vendors contact you constantly, asking you questions for which you have no answer. On the day of the event, multiple vendors show up at varying times without any coordination amongst themselves, requesting assistance and advice from you, and creating chaos. You find yourself working tirelessly, early morning until late in the evening, trying to smooth out the disorganized mess while reassuring the bride that everything will be fine.

We Understand

Venue owners can easily get burned out from the demands of managing every aspect of the events on their property. Such constant coordination can be stressful because mistakes happen, and when they do, you may be blamed.

Refer your clients to an experienced total event manager.

From The Macro to The Micro

With M7 Event Solutions, you can rest assured knowing that your venue is in trusted hands and that your guests are being cared for by a professional event management team with decades of experience in Western North Carolina. We will oversee every detail—from the macro to the micro—to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

A Referring Partnership

We do not require an exclusive relationship with you. Instead, you will act as a referring partner, advising booked guests to arrange for M7 Event Solutions to handle every detail of their event.

Enjoy The Simpler Role of Venue Owner

You will be assigned your own personal M7 Consultant, who will plot the timeline, menu, bar and beverages, floor plan, staffing needs, and any rental items associated with the event. Your M7 Consultant will refer and coordinate vendors for any services that M7 does not directly provide. Throughout the entire process, M7 will be in communication with your guests, advising them and listening to their concerns. Instead of contacting you constantly with questions, we will serve as the primary communication and coordination point, giving you the freedom and space to breathe and enjoy the simpler role of venue owner.

Don’t Hesitate

If you’re ready to relieve yourself of the stress of event management and coordination at your venue, request a site visit from M7 Event Solutions today to begin the discussion!

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